3 tips from Dave Ramsey to help you save on pet care

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If you have a pet, you should read these tips.

Key points

  • Having a pet can be expensive, but you can find ways to save money on their care.
  • Dave Ramsey has some suggestions on how to save, including finding the right vet and buying pet food in bulk.

Pets can be a wonderful addition to your family and having animal companions has many health benefits. But there are also costs associated with caring for your furry family members.

Purchase animal insurance is a way to reduce these expenses. A good pet insurance policy can help ensure that it is never necessary to get into debt to pay for expensive medical care an animal may need.

But there are other ways to save, too – and financial expert Dave Ramsey has provided some tips for reducing the expenses associated with owning a pet. Here is what they are.

1. Save on pet food by cutting coupons and stocking up

Feeding your pet is probably one of the biggest costs you’ll incur – and Ramsey has some tips on how to save money on your pet’s cooking.

“Cut coupons and buy BOGOs for your pet’s food – just like you do for your own groceries (we hope)”, the Ramsey Solutions the blog suggests. “If you can, stock up when your pet’s favorite food goes on sale. You can even buy it in bulk at stores like Costco and Sam’s Club (dry pet food will last a while, so you know).”

Most stores list items such as pet food on a predictable cycle, such as once every six or eight weeks. If you know how often your pet’s brand of food is on sale, you can buy enough to skip the next time it’s on sale, so you never have to pay the full price of the sticker.

2. Find the right vet

In most cases, pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses, but not routine care. Owners still have to pay for this out of pocket unless they purchase an optional wellness plan as an add-on.

The good news is that Ramsey has some suggestions on how to save on veterinary care — and they’re focused on shopping around for the most affordable, high-quality medical services.

“Do your research and find the right vet. Don’t just pick the one closest to you or with the fanciest logo,” Ramsey suggested. “Call several places and ask friends with pets who they recommend. You want someone with good manners and great prices – you can get both.”

Of course, you don’t want to shop on price alone, because getting high-quality care is important. So, read the reviews and ask for details about the price and the services provided.

3. Redeem Pet Sitting Services

If you plan to go on vacation anytime without your pet, you might be shocked at the cost of boarding. Ramsey’s advice is to avoid these costly fees entirely by finding an alternate arrangement.

“Swap pet sitters with your neighbors! When they’re not in town, you can come feed their cat and change the litter box. And in return, they can walk around to walk your pup and refill their food bowl when you’re on vacation. It’s an economic win-win for everyone,” Ramsey said.

This can work just fine as long as you trust your neighbors to do good for your pet and are willing to reciprocate.

By following these three suggestions, you should be able to save on some of the biggest costs associated with owning a pet. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a pet without blowing your budget.