A shelter for pet parents that offers a plethora of pet care solutions

In a world full of dog and cat lovers, there are a few who really want to take care of these Pawnimals. Interestingly, Indian urban households are witnessing an increase in the rate of pet adoption as it is an emotionally satisfying activity. At the same time, today’s hectic lifestyles have left most city dwellers strapped for time, leading to an increased preference for commercially packaged pet foods. This has led to the entry and expansion of many players in the pet care industry in India.

The easy availability of these pet care products is a major attraction for pet owners. Due to organized sales channels and growing demand, there has been a significant increase in start-ups and D2C websites offering products and services in this field for a niche audience. One such start-up is Supertails, which is a one-stop haven for all pet parents.

This start-up is run by three ex-executives of Licious, Varun Sadana, Vineet Khanna and Aman Tekriwal. In just one year, Supertails claims to have changed the lives of over 50,000 pet owners.

The platform not only provides pet food and essential supplies online, but also offers veterinary care and pet behavior training. Talking about his start-up, Varun Sadana, the co-founder of Supertails, told SME Futures that his pet e-commerce platform offers an assortment of pet supplies from India and the worldwide with nationwide home delivery.

“He has now established a robust system with warehouses in three major metropolitan cities that can deliver all pet essentials within 24 hours. In addition, Supertail offers over 10,000 consultations also covering veterinary healthcare and medical services. online training services,” he tells us.

Love for pets gave birth to Supertails

“From finding the right food to taking my cat Nifty to the vet, as a pet parent, I wanted my experience to be smooth and hassle-free,” Sadana says.

Due to a deep-rooted affinity for animals and being a pet parent himself, Sadana felt that every pet parent should have a smooth and seamless experience. He then realized that there was a void in this space. “I felt there was an ocean of unexplored opportunities in this sector,” he recalls.

That’s when the idea of ​​Supertails was born.

This one-of-a-kind e-commerce platform in India for pet care has been created keeping in mind the growing community of pet parents who are continuously looking for reliable and hassle-free veterinary care as well that a variety of product offerings, Sadana tells us.

“Looking at this flaw in the industry, we formed Supertails with the aim of reinventing pet care in India by bridging the accessibility gap in pet healthcare,” he says. .

Promising growth

Even though the online pet care segment holds the smallest market share, it is growing rapidly owing to the newly aroused interest among people towards pet parents.

Moreover, the growing pet population in the country, which is around 32 million and growing at a positive rate of more than 12% per year, is driving India’s pet care industry. company. If we go by the numbers, India’s pet care market is expected to reach a value of Rs 7,500 crore by the end of the forecast period, according to a report by Research and Markets.

Due to organized sales channels and growing demand, the online pet store segment is expected to witness promising growth with the highest predicted CAGR of 32.11% from 2021 to 2026. This pet care boom has led to the proliferation of pet start-ups across the country. According to Sadana, this market is experiencing many trends.

Gen Z and Millennials make up most pet parents

Currently, young Indians are those who adopt the most pets. That’s why the latest trend in the pet parenting community is dominated by Generation Z and urban, affluent millennials. These digital-age pet owners are extremely curious and want more credible information about pet care. They reject the previously prevalent concept of “pet ownership” and are determined to be pet parents.

“Therefore, they always want to give the best to their pets and have gone beyond the horizon of food and supplements and focus on health, training, grooming and general well-being” , explains Sadana.

“To meet these emerging needs, at Supertails we aim to improve the quality and longevity of pets. We achieve this by spreading the right information through our social networks and our own internal brand Henlo,” adds he.


Market challenges

At the same time, the founders of Supertails acknowledge that they faced many challenges when building their online pet store. For starters, consumers in this market still use conventional shopping methods. Although this experience gives pet parents a sense of satisfaction and security for their children. It also implies a lack of awareness about online options in this sector among consumers.

Talking about other challenges consumers face, Sadana says their team had identified a few more when creating and implementing Supertails.

“Some of the challenges we faced when building our e-commerce platform in the pet care segment were the lack of choice for pet parents when it comes to pet care products. quality pet products. There was no access to an assortment of products and discoverability was also low. Finding the right products was a daunting task and pet owners had to deal with many a lot of hassle,” he says.

“Convenience was lacking in their lives, not only due to the unavailability of an assortment of pet care products, but also due to the inaccessibility of appropriate information and services. We identified these challenges and we made sure that instead of going to the vet, a vet would come to them to solve their problems with their pets,” he says.

The pandemic has prompted many people to adopt a pet

The pet care market in India is still very specialized.

For market players, this is both an advantage and a challenge. Discussing the same, Sadana also agrees that their target audience is extremely specialized. “I believe pet care existed long before we realized its value. People had pets, but as pet owners,” he comments.

However, he thinks pet adoption has increased in recent years. “But it was further fueled by the pandemic when people realized the need for a pet,” he points out.

Even if it was, it’s not a niche market anymore. Pets have always been around, but now the trend of ensuring their well-being and going all out while doing so has really come to the fore. People have gone from just being pet owners to being pet parents, which is driving the growth of this industry, Sadana says.

Partners, investments and vision for the future…

The start-up is working on several fronts according to Sadana. He tells us that they partner with “We Work” to run therapy sessions with dogs and to provide essential training and guidance on the pet lifestyle.

Supertails have worked with various brands including Amazon for the release of their film Oh My Dog. Additionally, Supertails claims to be the only pet e-commerce platform that sells Royal Canin prescription diet food. “This is an exclusive launch, and we are about to launch more international products to better meet the needs of Indian pet owners,” Sadana informs us.

Supertails’ purpose and vision is backed by high quality venture capitalists such as DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capitals, Sauce VC, Deepika Padukone, Titan Capital and Whiteboard Capital. In terms of revenue, Supertails is seeing monthly growth of over 30%. “In the next 3 months, we will serve more than 1 lakh customers across India,” he claims.

Talking about their vision for the future, the co-founder of Supertails tells us that their primary goal is to make pet care accessible, hassle-free, and discoverable at all stages of a pet’s life. And the first step toward that vision begins with guaranteeing free veterinary services to pet owners across the country.

“Not only that, but the goal is to help them better understand their health and behavioral needs. We also aim to introduce new brands to the market and we want to innovate our own line of new products through Henlo to ensure the longevity of pets,” he says.