Mella Pet Care Announces Integration with QSM Diagnostics

Mella Pet Care announced its integration with QSM Diagnostics – a medical device company that develops bacterial identification test kits and instruments – to allow users to use a single platform to facilitate the ratification of new technologies in veterinary clinics.

According to a statement from the organization,1 all Mella desktop app users will be able to use the QSM Otter eQ instrument out-of-the-box on their existing platform to prevent systems from running separately. Users will be guided by the Mella app through the testing process to help prevent errors and QSM users will automatically receive test results and store reports in its patient management software.

“Vets are busy and many we spoke with don’t have time to learn new technology,” said Anya Babbitt, co-founder and CEO of Mella Pet Care, in the organization’s statement.1 “Streamlining a platform benefits both startups and veterinary professionals. Now, we’ve created the ability to send infection test results directly back to the patient’s record. »

The test available through the integration will improve antibiotic management for veterinary professionals by increasing the accuracy of identifying a patient’s bacterial infections. Rapid detection and identification of bacteria can help veterinarians prescribe the targeted antibiotics their patients need to feel better.