Non-profit organization provides pet supplies to parents of homeless dogs

(Photo credit: Jean-Luc Rollier / EyeEm)

A nonprofit organization in Oklahoma offers pet supplies to parents of homeless pets and their pooches.

Valentine’s Saints provides pet parents with pet supplies like food, bowls and leashes for their dogs. It also offers prevention against fleas and ticks. Founder Rachel Brewer has worked with homeless people and their pets in the area for three years. However, she recently launched Valentine’s Saints in a bid to provide even more help.

Brewer hopes to involve more veterinarians in the project, vaccinating as many dogs as possible. “Distemper and lepto are really bad in this condition, and so is parvo,” she said. She went on to explain that many homeless pet owners cannot even visit the low cost clinics due to their financial situation.

A tribute to friends

She took the nonprofit’s name from that of a dog she helped in the town of Skiatook. The dog, Valentine, and their dog father, Josh, died on New Year’s Eve last year after being hit by a car, prompting tributes from many in the community who got to know the couple.

“He was a very passionate person,” Brewer said, “A lot of people called him an angel. He was very sweet. His dog was as sweet as can be.”

Valentine’s Saints can be found on Facebook and are currently raising funds so they can help as many animals as possible.

Homeless people and their pets

Brewer isn’t the only person to provide such a valuable lifeline to the homeless and their pets.

A dog dad is spending his time walking across Canada with his dog to raise awareness about the lack of pet-friendly homeless shelters. Then there’s the California veterinarian who has spent the past decade providing lifesaving medical care to homeless pets in the state.

Pets can have real benefits for homeless people, providing companionship and companionship, and a sense of normalcy. They can even invite people over to chat and motivate.