Pet Sitting: What Makes a Dog Really Happy? Pet Expert Sharing

We all do things we think are best for our adorable pooch, but do we know how to make our canine friend truly happy? With less time on hand, many busy pet owners today feel guilty or worried about their pet’s well-being and mental health. Experts say it’s quality rather than quantity that counts that a dog’s life can be made happier with nutritious food, playtime and generous doses of love. A happy dog ​​would wag its tail, look you in the eye, obey the rules you set, keep coming back to you, and sometimes even dance with excitement at the sight of you. Winning your dog’s heart isn’t that hard, and we’ve got some expert advice, too. (Also read: World Mental Health Day 2022: Mental and physical health benefits of owning a pet)

“The essence of the animal-parent bond is the rule of thumb of ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’. A balanced diet, mental stimulation, playtime and love are essential factors that make a dog really happy,” says Dr. Rajni Rajadhyaksha, Senior Veterinarian at Wiggles.


“They say a high, wavy tail is perhaps the most well-known sign that your dog is a happy dog. We all love coming home to our pets greeting us, at the door, a heartwarming sight to After 25 years of experience as a veterinarian and having grown up with 4 dogs and lots of cats all my life, since the age of 6 I have always slept happier snuggling up with my pets, at home. me,” says Dr. Rajni.


Dr. Rajni also shares the simple activities that would kick your dog’s happiness quotient up several notches. It’s the healthy foods, interesting toys and puzzles, lots of playtime, exercise, and your sincere love and care that makes them truly happy.

Here are the pointers summarized for you:

• A healthy and balanced diet, adapted to their stage of life and their needs.

• Adequate mental stimulation with toys such as food puzzles, chew toys and recess.

• Appropriate amount of physical exercise appropriate to their abilities and life stage.

• Lots of love and affection.


Spoil them by spending time with them by taking them for a walk. For busy professionals, the time after dinner is perfect for bonding with their canine friends.

“Save valuable time for your pets. Take them for a walk after dinner, go for a drive where they can safely stick their tongue out, rub and scratch their bellies, early morning trips or hikes are all activities that make dogs very happy. happy,” says Dr. Rajni.

If you want a healthy, happy pet, bring home a breed that suits your lifestyle (Pixabay)


“A companion dog is a commitment for 15 odd years. When you promise to love and protect your fur baby through every stage of his life and make decisions in his best interests, even a stick full of “Water will make him happy. Dogs are pack animals. And they love and protect their loved ones. Make sure they don’t feel abandoned and neglected,” says Dr. Rajni.


“If you want a healthy, happy pet, bring home a breed that suits your lifestyle. Do a thorough background check and understand that you will be responsible for a sensitive life that also feels emotions. Respect their individual personality and they will feel safe and happy with you as a parent,” Dr. Rajni concludes.

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