Pet Supplies Plus class action alleges customer communications on ‘wiretapping’ website

Jessy Edwards |

September 27, 2022

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Overview of the class action on the Pet Supplies Plus website:

  • Who: A Pet Supplies Plus customer sued the company and Microsoft.
  • Why: The complainant alleges that the couple colluded in bugging her communications on the Pet Supplies Plus website.
  • Where: The class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in Pennsylvania.

Pet Supplies Plus is committing “insidious invasions of privacy” by using secret surveillance software on its website, according to a new class action lawsuit.

Plaintiff Ashley Popa filed the class action lawsuit against PSP Group, LLC (Pet Supplies Plus) and Microsoft Corporation on September 22 in federal court in Pennsylvania alleging violations of the Pennsylvania wiretapping and electronic surveillance law and privacy laws.

According to the lawsuit, Pet Supplies Plus listens to the electronic communications of visitors to its website while Microsoft listens to electronic communications from visitors to all of its customer websites, including Pet Supplies Plus.

The Pet Supplies Plus class action lawsuit alleges that the company uses third-party vendors, such as Microsoft, to embed snippets of JavaScript computer code on its website.

This code then deploys to each website visitor’s Internet browser and records the visitor’s electronic communications with the website, including mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, URLs of web pages visited and more in real time.

“After intercepting and capturing website communications, the PSP and Session Replay providers use these website communications to re-create the website visitors’ entire visit to,” alleges the Pet Supplies Plus class action lawsuit.

Pet Supplies Plus class action alleges companies are ‘looking over the shoulders’ of customers

Session replay providers create a video replay of user behavior on the website and provide it to Pet Supplies Plus for analysis, according to the lawsuit.

“PSP’s purchase of session replay vendors, including Microsoft, to covertly deploy session replay codes results in the electronic equivalent of ‘looking over the shoulder’ of every visitor to the PSP website throughout their interaction with the website,” Pet Supplies Plus said. class actions.

Popa seeks to represent anyone in Pennsylvania whose interactions on the Pet Supplies Plus website were intercepted by the company or through one of Microsoft’s session replay codes.

She is seeking class action certification, an injunction preventing the companies from committing the alleged wiretaps, damages, costs, costs and a jury trial.

Old Navy was hit by a similar trial in August, alleging that it secretly monitored keystrokes and recorded mouse clicks of visitors to its website, in violation of the law.

Hot Topic was also hit by a class action alleging that he secretly eavesdrops on the private conversations of everyone who communicates through the chat feature on his website.

Have you interacted with the Pet Supplies Plus website? Let us know your thoughts on the class action lawsuit in the comments!

Plaintiff is represented by Gary F. Lynch, Kelly K. Iverson, Jamisen A. Etzel, Elizabeth Pollock-Avery, Nicholas A. Colella and Patrick D. Donathen of Lynch Carpenter, LLP.

The Pet Supplies Plus Class Action is Ashley Popa vs. PSP Group, LLC and Microsoft CorporationCase No. 2:22-cv-01357-NBF, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

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