Pet Supplies Plus Looking for Groomers

FITCHBURG, Wis. – Reps from the Pet Supplies Plus location in Fitchburg said they are looking for about a dozen people to help on the sales floor and in the grooming salon.

The company’s regional show manager, Deb Compton, said there was plenty of room for advancement.

“The more passionate and motivated you are, the higher you can go,” said Compton, one of the star contestants on ABC’s “Pooch Perfect” show.

Compton said there’s a nationwide grooming shortage, which is why she’s eager to mentor new groomers. She said she’s seen everyone from entry-level to veteran groomers grow over the past year.

“We are very excited about our future and want to continue to grow, but we need people to help us get there,” Compton said.

Shawna Rewoldt is a seasoned groomer who says she was lucky to have Compton by her side when she started at Pet Supplies Plus.

“I’ve been grooming for nine years and she makes it more fun and doesn’t make me feel bad for not knowing something. So she makes it interesting and she’s a really good teacher,” Rewoldt said.

Meanwhile, outside the show on the sales floor, employees have been busy taking care of all the critters.

“We have a varied amount of animals, fish [and] reptiles,” said David Sampson.

Sampson, who is a team leader, added that the work is a joy for those who enjoy being around animals.

“For me, the benefits are being able to interact with the animals. [Employees are] to be able to interact with the people who come here, to be able to help them with their problems,” Sampson said.

Sampson said there are many other perks to this job.

“Full-time benefits with 30 hours, competitive salary. We offer a discount for team members on all products in the store,” he said.

Sampson said other franchise stores in the state are also looking to hire a similar number of people.