Save money on pet care, supplies

We all love our pets, but treating them like they deserve could also cost thousands of dollars a year. Here’s how you can save money on your furry friend.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — This month, 13 BY YOUR SIDE has helped you find ways to save as inflation continues to drive up the cost of just about everything, including owning a pet. company.

Having a furry family member has always been a long-term financial commitment, but in this economy, that’s especially true.

We all love our pets, but treating them like they deserve could also cost you thousands of dollars a year.

According to Daniel Caughill, co-founder of ‘The story of the dog‘, an online resource for new and experienced pet owners, there are things you can do to save money.

Their first recommendation: Adopt, don’t buy.

“You can get a dog from your local shelter for as little as $50 to sometimes maybe a few hundred,” Caghill said.

A shelter animal is also fully vaccinated, microchipped and repaired, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Experts say that medical care will be the biggest expense in your pet’s lifetime, which is why they suggest investing in pet insurance.

“If peace of mind is your goal, I recommend it. If you think your family can’t handle a $5,000 emergency operation, you should get it,” Caughill said.

Pet insurance policies vary in cost and coverage, with some starting at just $20 per month. Accident and sickness benefits can cost up to $600 a year for a dog and about $350 for a cat. Accident alone costs nearly $220 per year for dogs and $134 for cats.

Also consider vet discount plans like ‘Pet insured‘.

“They basically work like AARP, but for vets. So the way it works is you pay a pretty low monthly amount much less than pet insurance will cost you and they will send you a card and that will give you an automatic 25% discount on all participating vets Caughill said.

Pet food is where most of your money will go next.

Loyalty or rewards programs offered at stores like Chow Hound save you a few dollars on each visit.

“That’s an average of around 7-7.5% per bag if you participate in the Buy 12 Get One Free program, which most of our brands participate in, that can add up to big savings per bag,” said Jess Calton, Store Manager. at Chow. Dog in Standale.

While it may be tempting to buy a cheaper brand, experts say you shouldn’t skimp on quality.

“If you buy the best quality, you’ll notice it delivers more nutrients per cup, so you’re feeding less of it into that bag that will last longer,” Calton said.

Companies like Amazon and Soft allow customers to subscribe to regular deliveries saving an average of 5% on orders.

Finally, take advantage of in-store and online deals on grooming tools and services, as well as your pet’s favorite treats and toys. Or give your pet a single-ingredient snack like sweet potatoes, cheese, or carrots.

Your four-legged friend will thank you.

Low cost sterilization and veterinary services:

  • Human society – – Great general resource for finding care help.
  • Find help — “Like the Humane Society, another general good place to start if you’re looking for help.
  • Animal Finder — — A good resource for finding shelters in your area if you want to contact them for help.

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