The 6 Best Pet Care Franchise Opportunities

Are you a pet-obsessed entrepreneur? Interested in finding a franchise opportunity that could merge your love of pets with your dreams of business ownership? This is not a far-fetched idea as the franchising industry has thousands of concepts, with the pet care category offering many choices.

According to the American Pet Products Association, 70% of all American households claim at least one pet, the majority of whom consider their four-legged friends to be members of their family. And what exactly does the pet care market reveal? Total expenses – including food, supplies, veterinary care, grooming and boarding – amounted to more than $123 billion in 2021. The franchise industry includes several well-known brands that offer sales retail, daycares, and even pet-related training for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur revisited our Franchise 500 2022 list to single out six of the best pet care franchise opportunities, which you can read more about below.

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Pet Supplies More

Founded in 1987, the iconic Pet Supplies Plus brand has become a tour de force in the world of pet care. The retail-focused franchise has grown to include more than 600 locations across the United States, and some of its biggest growth has come in the past three years alone.

The number of units awarded increased by more than 35% during this period, helping Pet Supplies Plus achieve the highest ranking of any pet-related franchise concept – 20th place overall. Additionally, the brand has maintained the top spot in the pet-related franchise category for the past eight consecutive years. According to the Pet Supplies Plus FDD (2020), each location generates an average unit revenue of $2.7 million on an annual basis.


Interest in dog daycare, boarding and spa services is skyrocketing, as evidenced by the recent growth of Dogtopia. Today, at nearly 200 locations in the United States, the majority of its awarded units – more than 76% – have been in the last three years alone.

It’s the growing interest in franchises like this that can take a pet care brand to No. 51 overall on this year’s Franchise 500 list, the eighth straight year that Dogtopia has earned a ranking. Dogtopia has now been around for 20 years and franchised its concept for 15 years. The brand estimates that the dog daycare market is worth $60 billion in total. If growth in this category continues, the United States may be forced to consider earned income credits for our pets, as well as our children.

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This land is your land, this land is my land, but 146th place on Entrepreneur The Franchise 500 2022 list is owned by Petland, a leading retailer in the pet sales and supplies industry. Petland has also seen remarkable growth over the past three years, with a 25% increase in units awarded over that time.

But we’re not just talking about the United States, as Petland includes over 100 locations in Canada and other international countries. This franchisor has a strong retail focus, offering over 4,000 pet-related products, 1,500 of which are Petland-branded items. Founded in 1967, Petland has been a franchised offering for over 50 years.

Unlimited Wild Birds

A backyard birdwatching fanatic named Jim Carpenter founded Wild Birds Unlimited in 1981, offering franchises to the public two years later. Since then, this franchisor has expanded to more than 350 locations in the United States, earning it the 188th spot overall on this year’s Franchise 500 list.

What started as one man’s hobby has evolved into providing affordable, high quality bird food, birdhouses, feeders and other assorted products for our feathered friends. Wild Birds Unlimited has maintained a strong presence among Entrepreneurtop-ranked franchisors, with 10 consecutive appearances in the Franchise 500. Entrepreneurs looking to take off with this franchise opportunity can count on superior levels of brand support in this surprisingly interesting niche market.

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Camp Bow-Wow

Claiming 271st place overall Entrepreneur The 2022 franchise 500 list is Camp Bow Wow, another franchise dedicated to creating a welcoming daycare environment for our canine companions. The brand’s marketing messages make it clear that this is not a kennel, but rather a structured environment designed to foster a sense of community among its four-legged guests.

Much like children’s camps, Camp Bow Wow employs “counselors” to oversee and manage playtime, nap time, and ancillary services such as grooming and training. The love and passion for dogs is an ongoing requirement, which is why this brand has grown to include nearly 200 locations in the United States. Like several other concepts on this distinguished list, Camp Bow Wow has 10 consecutive years of Franchise 500 rankings.

pet wants

With only seven years on the market as a franchise opportunity, Pet Wants is a relative newcomer to the scene, but what it has to offer franchisees resonates. This is a brand that has seen robust growth over the past three years, noting an 81.2% increase in units awarded.

Pet Wants is a natural pet food store, but its business model includes delivery. This franchisor understands how important convenience is to consumers these days. Franchisees can choose between a physical storefront or opt for a mobile business on wheels.

Either way, Pet Wants is designed to bring the highest quality pet products to your doorstep, from a carefully curated list of suppliers. The brand has also invested in a remarkable marketing initiative under The Winner’s Circle banner. The program offers new franchisees full reimbursement of their initial franchise fees, provided they achieve brand incentive milestones within the first full year of operation.

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